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Archive (fi) News 2015




Blood donators searched for

27.12.2015 17:15

Due to the long holiday period, there is an increased need for blood. If you have never donated before, then come and try out! If you have donated before and enough time has elapsed since the last time, come again and get a good feeling for helping others.

The next opportunity to donate in Korso is on Tuesday. More information about blood donation on this same page under title Blood Donation.



Seasons Greetings!

23.12.2015 00:00

Korson Palloseura wishes pleasant moments of the Christmas season for all the its members and web site visitors alike.

Merry Christmas!



Liverpool International Football Academy Vantaa Summer 2016

9.12.2015 22:30

Liverpool logo

Korson Palloseura (KOPSE) has today signed a contract with Liver­pool Inter­national Foot­ball Academy Scandinavia (LIFAS) to organise a three-day event called the 'Liverpool Football Academy Vantaa', to be held during the weekend 10th to 12th of June, 2016 in Tikkurilan Urheilupuisto (Tikkurila Sports Park) in Vantaa.

The academy is tailored for boys and girls, aged 6 to 14, who want to experience a week­end camp of inter­national level training and improve their skills in the sport they love so much.

Please read more about the academy on the Liverpool Inter­national Foot­ball Academy Vantaa page (fi)!



Football @ Leppäkorpi School pilot project

9.12.2015 20:10

Korson Palloseura co-operated with the City of Vantaa in a pilot project where sports and other activities are offered to children of a few selected primary schools in Korso area every Tuesday after­noon.

Korson Pallo­seura provided foot­ball training to the kids of the Leppäkorpi school through the period from September to December.

The football @ Leppäkorpi club (fi) was available for 20 + 20 pupils from the first to fourth class. Yester­day was the last of the ten sessions and the event was celebrated by offering ginger­bread biscuits and juice to all, followed by delivery of the diplomas.

The afternoon club was lead by KOPSE's CEO Juha Mattila.

Football @ Leppäkorpi group I

Football @ Leppäkorpi group I




Resident of the Year 2015 award goes to Aulis Joronen

28.11.2015 17:20

Aulis Joronen

Korso-Seura (Korso Society) has today awarded vice-chairman of Korson Palloseura Aulis Joronen the Resident of the Year.

According to the rules, the Resident of the Year (fi) is a person, who is well known by the residents, to whom Korso is important, is a friendly person who raises the spirit of the local area and has acted positively in the area.

The merits for awarding Aulis are as follows and it is easy for everybody at KOPSE to concur with them:

  • Promoting the local football activities for more than 35 years.
  • One of the founders of Korson Pallo­seura; has acted as a chairman of the club and as a coach in the club.
  • Has voluunterily given meaningful doing for several hundreds of local boys and girls.

As the first comment, Aulis believes the primary criterion for being selected is the voluuntary work. Those who know Aulis can trust this is also closest to his heart and the main motivation for him to continue the work – without forgetting the love to football.

Aulis was the person of the month (fi) in year 2014. In addition, the annual magazine 2015 has an article of the early days of KOPSE.

The board warmly congratulates Aulis for achieving the award!



P04 achieved silver

23.11.2015 22:45

KOPSE P04 came second in the "No to rasism" Cup at Legirus-arena. Read more and check the picture on P04 team page (fi).



Thank you for volunteering!

22.11.2015 16:20

I would like to thank all the members of the board for volunteering in today's Korso Grand Fair. We received a lot of publicity and positive feedback from visitors. We also had a great opportunity to meet old and – who knows – new members of the footbal club.

Arto Vitikka
Chairman of the board
Korson Palloseura

KOPSE's booth at Korso Grand Fair in 2015.

KOPSE's booth at Korso Grand Fair in 2015.



Korso Grand Fair 20.11.2015

20.11.2015 19:50

Korson Pallo­seura participates again Korso Suur­markkinat (Korso Grand Fair). This year the fair is held on Sunday, 22nd of November between 10 am and 4 pm. KOPSE's booth offers coffee, juice, fried sausages and mocca cakes. We also sell fan items to support our activities: caps, umbrellas, T-shirts, keyholder-lamps and mugs; all equipped with KOPSE logos.

The board of the football club is present at the booth, selling the afore­mentioned products and providing information of the local football club. If you do not know yet what the local sports club does or if you want to know what KOPSE may offer to you or to your child, please pay a visit! You may also support KOPSE and buy food and drinks or fan items from the booth.

Korso Grand Fair in 2014

KOPSE's booth last year.



Old photographs of Korso

13.11.2015 15:15

Korso-seura has collected an album of old photographs taken in Korso. Please have a look how the area appeared many years ago!

Korso-seura's photo album (fi).



Awards at end of season

9.11.2015 9:30

Archives (fi) now contains pages listing the names of the winners of awards and medals of for seasons 2014 and 2015.

End of the season event of year 2015.

Making waves in the end of the season event of year 2015.



Uudenmaan piiri and events in Mäntsälä

1.11.2015 14:50

Uudenmaan piiri has given the verdict on the events that took place during the match between MU and KOPSE on 25th of September. The board has received the verdict.

Uudenmaan piiri has not yet published the verdict on their page (fi).




Kalmuuri Bubblehall

5.10.2015 10:20

Bubblehall owner has informed us that it takes two more days to get the facility ready for us. The lighting is being installed at the moment. It is planned to be in use on Wednesday or Thursday.

Korson Palloseura would like to thank all the volunteers for their excellent job, making it again possible to continue the sports in the best of conditions!



Kalmuuri bubble hall erection this weekend

3.10.2015 21:30

On Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. Everybody is welcome!



Ruusupaviljonki and Inkun Ideapaja

2.10.2015 21:30

Inkun Ideapaja ja Ruusupaviljongin avoimet ovet -tapahtuma

Ruusupaviljonki has Open Doors day on Saturday, october 10 between 12 – 15. Everybody is welcome. More information about the event from here (fi).




Statement from the Board

29.9.2015 13:15


The Board of the club has been informed about an unfortunate event that lead to the premature termination of the match by the referee. The team leader and two players have been invited by Uudenmaan Piiri to present their stance to the issue at hand. Before that, the Board will have a discussion session with the team leader and players.

Our club and the Men's Team has already suffered from image loss since the event has been reported by press. Unfortunately, no member of the Board was watching the match to give the Board any first-hand opinions about the matter. Nevertheless, the board would like to make clear that the club's principle is not to tolerate any violence of any form or against any people. It is also important to remember that the event is still under investigation by Uudenmaan Piiri and possible disciplinary actions, if any, will become clear later.

The Board



Annual KOPSE publication

22.9.2015 0:15

KOPSE Annual Magazine

There are still a few copies of the Annual KOPSE publication available in the office for those who have not received it yet (in Finnish only). The publication was delivered to postal areas with ZIP codes 01450 and 01480 in August 16th. If you live outside these areas, please visit the office to pick up your personal copy.

The publication is also available from download on the Internet (8.9 MB). Load it from here (fi).



Bubble hall over Kalmuuri turf

18.9.2015 7:35

Everybody is welcome to help in the erection of the bubble hall over the Kalmuuri turf, starting on Friday, 2nd of October. The work is expected to get completed on Sunday. The main work days for the job are Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

You don't have to be a member of the club to participate; you may like to assist us to provide good facilities for the young players to practise their foot­ball playing skills during the winter months. The owner of the hall provides food and drinks for all volunteers.

Pictures from the last year's erection event in the Picture gallery (fi).



Juokseva palloilija

KOPSE Football School starts on 20.9.2015

2.9.2015 13:50

The Football School for season 2015 – 2016 starts on Sunday, 20.9.2015 at 3 pm in Leppäkorpi school.

Korson Pallo­seura welcomes all boys and girls born in 2011 to learn the joy of playing football, having good time and finding new friends of the same age!

More info about the KOPSE Foot­ball School can be found from the Foot­ball School page (fi).





KOPSE in Nuori@Vantaa (young@Vantaa) event in Korso

31.8.2015 13:30 (updated 2.9.2015 13:15)

Vantaa organizes an event targeting all children and teens. The event is held at the same time in multiple locations in Vantaa. In Korso the event takes place in and in front of Lumo.

KOPSE organizes throw-in and football radar contests between 4 and 5 pm. You may also register for playing in a football match later that day. Futsal shoes are needed in order to play in the match or to try the football radar.

Click the image on the right for more information of here (fi).



Pictures from the KOPSE event

30.8.2015 19:00

Pictures from the event held on August 22 are shown in here (fi).



Guided physical exercise continues

23.8.2015 10:00

Guided physical exercises continue on Monday at 18:30 in Ankkapuisto. Location is in the corner of the park near Sokeva and Kalmuuri turf. The exercise is meant for all ages and physical shapes. The cost is 3 € per person. Welcome!

Facebook-event is here.



KOPSE 35 years event

23.8.2015 9:20

The board would like to congratulate all volunteers, teams and players for a successful 35-year event. The event gave us great visibility in the area and we celebrated like a 35 year old football club should do: by playing football and having fun in a nice, hot late summer day – while offering activities also for families with small kids.

The board would also like to express its appreciation to all partners who helped us to make this event possible.

Korson Mieslaulajat esiintyvät naisille.

Korso Male Singers singing "for women".

More pictures from the event will be published later.



New executive director

19.8.2015 9:40

Mika Parviainen leaves his duties as the Executive Director of Korson Pallo­seura, effective 28th of August, 2015. New executive director is Juha Mattila.

Juha's previous position in the club has been the CFO. He is also the Team Leader of the P07 team. Markku Lehtonen now takes on the responsi­bilities of Chief Coach.

The board would like to thank Mika for his long-time contribution for the development of Korson Pallo­seura and wishes good luck for him in his new mission. Mika continues as the Chied Coach of the P03 team.

The board



KOPSEn 35-vuotistapahtuma

KOPSE 35 years event

16.8.2015 23:30 (updated 17.8.2015 11:30)

Korson Palloseura organizes a football event at Korso sportsfield on 22.8.2015 between 10 am and 5 pm. Welcome to enjoy with us a lot of football-related activities!

Read more and check the current schedule of the event from here (fi).




Bronze medal for KOPSE P05 team in Saarenmaa Cup

31.7.2015 12:40

Picture of the team and the story on P05 team's page (fi).



P02 moves up to the Second Level

22.7.2015 19:30

P02 won 7 spring matches out of 8 and so the team plays in the Second Level (Kakkonen) of the D13 series in autumn. Congratulations!

More info on the P02 team page (fi).



Helsinki Cup 5. – 10.7.2015!

2.7.2015 14:00

The biggest annual foot­ball tournament of Finland, Helsinki Cup 2015, starts on Sunday. There are a lot of fine matches to watch. There are many international teams, farthest are from Brazil.

The KOPSE teams playing in the tournament are as follows:

  • P06 No Colour, Valkoinen (White) and Vihreä (Green) in the M9 series
  • P05 Vihreä (Green) and Valkoinen (White) in the B10 series
  • P04 Valkoinen (White) and Vihreä (Green) in the B11 series
  • P03 in the B12 series
  • P02 in the B13 series
  • P00 in the B15 series

Click the link to see the list of matches (fi)!



Visitor statistics

1.7.2015 12:30

The number of unique, monthly visitors since the beginning of 2014 are now shown on the Sivusto page (fi).




KOPSE Men vs Mäntsälän Urheilijat

24.6.2015 13:40

On Friday at 8:30 pm in Kalmuuri turf, there will be a match between KOPSE Men's team and Mäntsälä Urheilijat (MU). This is a top match between top teams of the league. Come and see if KOPSE can maintain its status without losses!



Web site has been updated

22.6.2015 19:10

The Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons have been removed from the Home page. Supporting them did not serve a purpose any longer but only consumed the bandwidth. Now the home pages (en + fi) should load a little bit faster.

If you want to show that you like KOPSE's web site, click the 'Like' button in www.facebook.com/korsonpalloseura.



KOPSE P05 brought gold and bronze medals from the Rieska Cup!

15.6.2015 10:15

KOPSE P05 participated with two teams in Rieska Cup 2015 tournament in Joutseno during 13th and 14th of June, 2015. In the Challenge Series, the White team (shown below) won a gold medal by winning all their matches.

KOPSE P05 Valkoinen Rieska Cupissa 2015

KOPSE P05 White team

The bronze medal of the Competition Series went for the Green team.

Congratulations to both teams!



The next guided physical exercise in Ankkapuisto Säilytä!

13.6.2015 1:00 (updated 8.7.2015 16:40)

Exercise on Wednesdays in Ankkapuisto, Korso.

Korson Palloseura offers guided exercise event for all people on Thursday, 9th of July (weather permitting). The exercise takes place on the grass of Ankka­puisto ("Duck Park"), opposite of the Kalmuuri turf and Sokeva building (Google).

The exercise is meant for all ages and physical shapes.

The event will be lead by a professional physical education instructor Katja Miettinen. Bring your exercise mat with you – and a rubber band, if you have one! The cost is 3 € per person.

Mark the event to your calendar and come along and try! Join the exercise in the event's Facebook-page (fi).



KOPSE Men vs. Pathoven

10.6.2015 20:10

Welcome to Kalmuuri turf on Friday, the 12th of June at 8.30 pm to watch a match between KOPSE Men and Pathoven. Pathoven played in the 4th division during the last season.

KOPSE Men's team has started the current season strongly, without losses.

KOPSE Miehet Kalmuurissa

Come to cheer the KOPSE Men!




KOPSE men vs. KoPa

28.5.2015 11:10

Welcome to Kalmuuri turf on Friday 29.5.2015 at 8:30 pm to watch a fifth division foot­ball match between two teams from Korso. KOPSE's men's team is playing against Korson Palloilijat (KoPa).



The Play and Move event in Korso

20.5.2015 9:40

Liiku ja Leiki 2015

KOPSE participates in the Play and Move event for young children, held on the 6th of June, between 2 and 5 pm, in Korso's sports field. The event is organized by the Korso section of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and it has various tasks for kids who will receive a "passport" to collect a "stamp" after executing each task.

Of course, our duty in the event is to organize a task related to football. There is an area reserved for this on the turf. The details of our task will be released later but you can already mark the event to your calendar.

Many other sports and other societies have their own tasks in the area. Come and see what they have planned for the kids!

There will be coffee and snacks in the area for all. Please load the ad (fi) and tell to your friends about the event!



KOPSE P05 won two silver medals in Pyrkkä Cup!

17.5.2015 18:00

Both green and white groups of the KOPSE P05 team received their silver medals. View the picture in team's home page (fi).




Blood donation in Korso

8.5.2015 13:10

There's a convenient opportunity to donate blood to those who need it. Welcome to Korso Church premises today between 14 and 18!

More info about donation in here.



Bronze medal for KOPSE P00 from the Winter League

3.5.2015 12:15

P00 achieved the third place in the Winter League organized by FC Espoo. More info is found on P00 team's page (fi).

P00 third place in the Winter League.





New calendars for club members

28.4.2015 16:20

Two new calendars are now available for a test drive:


Vuoro­kalenteri (training shift calendar) shows those training shifts of KOPSE teams which are now for sale.


Pelinohjaus­kalenteri (junior referee calendar) lists those junior team matches which have not yet assigned a junior referee.

Both calendars include contact information, so you can easily book a shift for your team or ask for a referee job for you.

Send your feedback to the secretary of the club: sihteeri(a)kopse.org.



Summer season starts on Monday

19.4.2015 14:25

The training periods for the summer season will be effective from Monday, 20th of April. The list of scheduled training periods for each team is found on the Vuorot (periods) page (fi). Look for "Kalmuuri vuorot kesä alkaen...".



Volunteering on Sunday

19.4.2015 1:20

Membranes have been stacked, but nets and the piles to hold them up need to be mounted on the walls. The last task of this project starts at 11 am. 10 people are needed for approximately 4 hours but if there are more, we can balance the load or complete it sooner.

Volunteers and company people after the task.

Volunteers and company people after finishing the task of stacking the membranes



Membranes are done!

18.4.2015 18:50

Update at 6:50 pm:

All membranes have been rolled on the pallets.

No more membranes!

Most of the membrane used to cover the field has been piled on pallets. It has been heavy work, especially for fingers, but the task seems to finish much faster than in November. The summer season looks really near now!

Iltapäivällä jo suurin osa kentän katteesta on kasattu lavojen päälle.

2/3 of the turf has been reclaimed.

Many thanks to the volunteers on Saturday! The work still continues at the time of writing this. Hopefully, the team of volunteers on Sunday will finish the rest of the work and the field becomes available to the players on Monday.



Bubble hall roof is down

18.4.2015 9:45

The roof is down and now we need volunteers to detach pieces. If you can spare a moment, come along and help! Fair weather and nice company and a lot of fresh air.

Bubble hall is down.



New team for boys and girls born in 2010 Keep!

14.4.2015 13:20

Running player

A new football team, for boys and girls, starts practising together on Sunday, 3rd of May at Kalmuuri turf. Later this year, the team will be split into two teams, one for boys and another for girls.

More information about the team in here (Finnish). You may register your kid for the team through the team's pages (Finnish).



Dismantling of the roof of Legirus Arena

11.4.2015 0:10

Have you marked your calendar for 18. – 19. April 2015, 9 am – 8 pm in Kalmuuri?

Volunteers are needed to remove the roof of the bubble hall from the field. The work is expected to progress as follows:

  1. Emptying of the bubble hall from 16th to 17th April (done by the operator)
  2. Voluntary work during from 18th to 19th April

You may want to report your participation to Mr. Juha Mattila using his email mattila(a)kopse.org or tell us the team you are representing when coming to the site. The payment from the task will be divided by the teams participating in the work.

If you do not represent any particular team but you're willing to support the local football club in its efforts to provide meaningful activities to the local adults, youths and children, come along and help us!

Legirus Arena in winter mode




KOPSE P05 took the second place in the Winter League

30.3.2015 22:40

KOPSE P05 White team won a silver medal from the Winter League (challenge series).

Second place from the Winter League!


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