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Archive (fi) News 2016




Seasons Greetings

24.12.2016 12:00

Kortti, jossa toivotetaan Rauhallista Joulua ja Hyvää Uutta Vuotta



Training during Christmas season

17.12.2016 18:40

The training spaces mostly used by KOPSE teams are closed as follows.

DomeChristmasNew Year
Legirus Arena24.12. – 25.12.201631.12.2016 – 1.1.2017
Hakunila Dome24.12. – 26.12.201631.12.2016 – 1.1.2017
Tikkurila Dome24.12. – 26.12.201631.12.2016 – 1.1.2017

It is adviced that team managers check their school gym reservations from Webtimmi. Unused reservations should be cancelled no more than 8 days before the actual date.

Looking for more players



Girls 2004/2005 are looking for new players!

7.12.2016 22:40

We are constantly looking for new girls to join our merry foot­ball team. Whether you are a highly skilled player or a newcomer to football, there is a place in our team for you. If you got interested, please do not hesitate to contact the team leader or the head coach to get in touch with us.

You will find contact and other information on the T04/05 team's own page (fi).



Happy Independence Day!

6.12.2016 13:40

Pallo maalissa, taustalla Suomen lippu




Uusimaa district's skill contest results now in archives

10.11.2016 15:00

The results for the year 2016 can be found on the Archive page (fi).

Korson Palloseura congratulates all the medalists. Medals will be delivered in teams' own events.



P09 succeeded in SPL Uusimaa district's skill contest

5.11.2016 21:50

P09 team of 7 boys won 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in the annual SPL Uusimaa district's skill contest held today in Laaksolahti. One of the silver medal winners was a promising player, born in 2010.

The head coach's comment after the achievement was: "Everyone performed well but a minor pity was that for two boys the gold medal was only about one second away".

Results (fi)

Timo Liuhanen




Autumn meeting

29.10.2016 17:00

The autumn meeting selected the new board for year 2017. The new chairman of the board will be Petteri Forssell, AUlis Joronen continuing as the vice chairman. The members of the new board will be Jani Rouhiainen, Santtu Vähälä, Rainer Lehtonen, Jani Lehtinen, Sami Haukka and Kari Jurva.

The meeting decided to keep the single and family member fees the same as in year 2016.

The minutes of the meeting will be released later on the Intranet pages.



The dome will be lifted on 16th of October

15.10.2016 22:55

The dome of the bubble hall shall be lifted on Sunday, 16th of October, between 9 am and 5 pm. Every pair of hands is welcome and if you can stay only for a while, that's fine, too! The sooner the dome is in place, the sooner the player get back to training.



KOPSE Disco for KOPSE players born between 2004 and 2009 on 14.10.2016

13.10.2016 11:00

KOPSE P02 team arranges KOPSE Disco for the players of PT04-PT09 teams on Friday, 14th of October from 6 pm to 9 pm at Ruusu­paviljonki.

Location is Kisatie 21, Vantaa (the yellow building behind the Ruusuvuori school).

No registration. Admittance fee is 2 €, bring your green KOPSE shirt with you.

Good music, disco feeling and funny quiz! The buffet serves snacks and drinks!





11.10.2016 20:00

Location: Ruusupaviljonki, Kisatie 21.

The meeting shall address the statutory matters of the football club.

Official invitation (fi)




End-of-season 2016 party is over

8.10.2016 18:30

End-of-season party at korosn urheilukenttä.

Announcing awards.

Pictures from matches of parents of junior teams can be found in picture gallery.



End-of-season party for all KOPSE members

7.10.2016 23:10

Welcome to the end-of-season party in Korson urheilu­kenttä (Korso's sport field) on Saturday, the 8th of October between 12 and 14 pm. The address is Kisa­tie 21.

The program begins with the presentation of awards to players at 12:00. So be there a little earlier. Buffet serves coffee, tea, juice, moccabits, liquorice, pizza and barbequed sausages.

Matches between adults of junior teams start around 12:40.

The board wishes that all players of the club wear their green shirts with a lot of warm clothes under them.

Parking lots are found at Ruusuvuori school yard. Welcome!



Bubble hall to be erected during the coming weekend!

2.10.2016 22:10 (updated 5.10.2016 21:00)

NOTE: Today we received an announcement from the owner of the bubble hall that due to high winds, the work has been postponed from this weekend. The new occasion will be announced later.

Again we need a few good men and women to help set up the bubble hall on top of the Kalmuuri turf. The work will start on the 7th of October and volunteers are needed starting on the 8th. The more the merrier. Once in place, all the young foot­ballers will be able to continue their training and the people won't be in the mercy of weather any more.

The work is not particularly heavy; a large number of hands are needed to pull the membranes on the field. It is suitable for ages 16 and up. The owner of the hall will serve food and drinks.

ubble hall erection in works in 2015.

Pulling the membranes in 2015.




SPL Uusimaa: Actor of the Month is Jussi Tyry

5.9.2016 23:55

SPL Uusimaa bulletin for September announces that SPL has awarded Mr. Tyry from Korson Palloseura's T04/05 team for his long-standing voluntary work and devotion to girl's football. Without his contribution, many tournaments, camps and other events would not have succeeded. Jussi has participated in all roles of the team and he has been a trusted person for players and parents alike. A fine example of a volunteering person.

The board congratulates Jussi for the award.




Thanks for volunteering!

24.8.2016 10:00

KOPSE Day at Korso Sportsfield

All ages were welcome to try footballing.

The board wishes to thank all the volunteers who made KOPSE Day possible on Saturday, 20th of August. The event was successful and the icing on the cake was the day which was warm and beautiful after a long period of rainy days.

The feedback from the event was positive and our partners in the event praised the arrangements. KOPSE also wants to thank all our partners who were helping us to bring the event to all ages.



KOPSE T04 wins Back to School tournament

18.8.2016 16:45

Kopse T04 Jaguars won the gold medal in the tournament held in Oulun­kylä during the week­end. Jaguars won every match in the qualitifcation group and won the final match in the penalty shootout. This was the first win for the team, making it even more sweet; six wins from six matches!

Girls from the KOPSE T04 team in the Back to School tournamen.

Read more the from team's page (fi).

The board congratulates the team for a very good work.



KOPSE Day 2016

15.8.2016 18:30

KOPSE Day poster

From now on, one Saturday in mid August will be selected as a KOPSE Day. KOPSE Day shall address families living in Korso and its neigbourhood. The purpose of the party is to make Korson Pallo­seura known among the families of the area.

Last year we celebrated the 35-year anniversary of the football club. This year we will have fun but without speeches. In particular, the smallest members of families are remembered by a magician, who performs and presents the party.

Other participants are Sport Club Vantaa, Korso Congregation and Care Dogs of Vantaa-Sipoo. Catering is taken care of by our own buffet and Kiosk Cafeteria Ursula, who provide crêpes, donuts and grilled sausages.

More information about the party in the poster (fi).

Facebook event


11.30 – 11.40Rhytmic gymnastics performance
12.00 – 12.25Magician Kimi's magic show
12.30 – 12.40Rhytmic gymnastics performance
13.30 – 13.55Magician Kimi's magic show
During the party
11.00 – 15.00Buffets
11.00 – 14.10Friendly football matches
11.00 – 15.00Care Dogs
11.00 – 15.00Hobby horses
11.00 – 15.00Speedometer and throw-ins
11.00 – 15.00Football school for children




KOPSE T05 team won gold in B-final of Stadi Cup 2016

17.6.2016 21:00

The team won TuPS/JäPS YJ2 (united) team with numbers 2 – 0, achieving the first place in the B finals of 11-year old girls.

Girls from the KOPSE T05 team in Stadi Cup 2016 tournament.

The B final has been won

The board congratulates girls for their achievement.



Liverpool-camp started

10.6.2016 11:50

The camp couched by players from Liverpool Academy has begun in Tikkurila Sports­park (Tikkurilan Urheilu­puisto).

Football juniors training.

Three teams have been composed from the participants.

More info (fi).




Liiku ja Leiki 2016

29.5.2016 11:30

Liiku ja Leiki event invitation

The Liiku ja Leiki (Move and Play) event for children of ages 3 – 9 is held again in Korso sports field on Saturday, 11th of June, between 2 pm and 5 pm.

This year, there shall be more organisers. In addition of the local sports clubs and societies, Taikuri KIM (Magic KIM) shall entertain kids with the magic shows. He will walk around during the event and twist balloons. Another new stand comes from Sport Club Vantaa, who share information about doing gymnastics. They will also performs a show twice.

KOPSE has a stand in the event, allowing children to try playing foot­ball. We also share information to parents about what it takes to join the club and learn and play the game.

There will be a buffet which serves snacks and refreshments to the visitors. A balloon is given to all children after visiting the stands.

More information about Liiku ja Leiki event (fi)



Recycling Day

16.5.2016 22:50

Picture of the ad (fi)

Recycling Day is held at Ruusu­paviljonki on May 28th, from 10 am to 2 pm. The location is Kisa­tie 21, behind the Ruusu­vuori school.

You may donate and pick some items for free (there is a separate area for selling items). The objective is to donate things which are in working condition to people who may find them useful, instead of discarding them as trash.

Korson Palloseura is a member of Ruusu­paviljonki association, but we are not organisers of this event. More info about the event (fi).



Guests from day cares centres at Korso sand field

9.5.2016 17:15

Three day care groups visited Korso sports field on the 4th of May to try out various football-related exercies.

Children running

Children from Aarrekallio day care



Kalmuuri bubblehall dismantling coming soon

1.5.2016 16:10

Picture shows KOPSE balloons

After the unfortunate post­ponement of the the bubble hall dis­mantling, it shall be finally taken down on 4th and 5th of May.

The work begins on Wednes­day evening. The biggest job of detaching fasteners and pulling the membranes into stacks will take place on Thurs­day. It is the wish of Korson Pallo­seura that as many people as possible will show up to help n the effort.

As before, the owner of the hall shall provide refreshments for those who participate and a reward is shared by teams who join in the work. All people are welcome; it is not necessary to be a member of the foot­ball club to help. The work you donate shall be used for a good purpose, to support youth development and sports activities.

Happy 1st of May ("vappu" in Finnish, which officially begins the summer period)!




Football for school children in Korso sports field

27.4.2016 15:00

Children from the schools of Kulomäki, Vierumäki, Mikkola and Leppä­korpi played foot­ball today in cloudy weather. Luckily, the weather did not seem to bother children's excitement and everybody seemed to have a good time. Of course, it could be that two hours of playing foot­ball is more appealing to young children than an hour of studying math.

There were two matches going on at the same time on the sand field and one match was being played on the artifical grass field.

Picture of school children playing football

School children playing football in Korso sports field

More pictures of the event can be found on our Facebook pages (fi).



100+ children on Kalmuuri turf

24.4.2016 18:20

Picture of a fresh footballer

Many lively and happy 2 to 6 year old children started a new sports hobby, when the Football Club and the Family Football Club teams started on Kalmuuri turf today. The Family Football Club of 2016 is the first of its kind in Korso, offered by Korson Pallo­seura.

The popularity and demand of the activity came as a surprise to the organizers. The total number of participants has already exceeded 100. As a matter of fact, that number of players could fill four average football teams for adults!

For many participants, especially for the younger children, the event was the first contact to articifial grass and football. Some may have already played football with their friends, relatives or parents. However, both of today's football clubs also provide an opportunity for guided exercises and, perhaps later, for more goal-directed (!) sports. Nevertheless, having the same hobby with other children of the same age brings those children together.

We at Korson Palloseura wish that the activities started today shall follow the children through their life and bring joy and happiness to these children also when they grow older.

One of the new footballers of today is a boy named Meelis, who had prepared for his first training session with a pair of real football shoes. We wish him and the other players very pleasant and exciting moments with their new hobby!

More info about Family Football Club (recommend age 2 &ndashto 4 years)
More info about Football Club (recommended age 3 to 6 years)



Silver medal in EBKP04 Merida Cup

19.4.2016 0:20

The P04 team achieved the silver medal in the cup's challenge series. Read more from the P04 team page (fi).

The board congratulates the team for its achivement.

Cheer me!




11.4.2016 22:00 (updated 27.4.2016 22:45)

Korson Palloseura supports Football Association of Finland with its "Cheer me" campaign. The campaing's objective is to guarantee a good spirit in all children's sports activities. Unfortunately, Finnish football has not escaped some negative events, as described in media.

Korson Palloseura has always regarded the work among junior players as its most important objective. That is why we'll always participate in projects where the aim is to improve activities which let children feel themselves safe, useful, evolving and happy in the drills, matches and tournaments.

The target group of this project is not just the sports clubs but also parents and supporters; that means YOU!

Cheer me campaing (fi)

Kuvassa kannusta mua kyltti koulujen jalkapallotapahtumassa.

The "Cheer me!" -sign in the school foot­ball event reminds of the values observed by KOPSE.



T02/03 wins a gold medal in the Winter League

3.4.2016 23:00

Kuva talviliigan mitalien jaon jälkeen

In addition to the godl medals, a trophy was brough home by KOPSE T02/03! Read more on team's own page (fi).

KOPSE board congratulates girls for this great achievement!



Team photos of 2016 are available

3.4.2015 21:15

Pictures of all participated teams can be found from the team's pages. Note that clicking the image, an alternate picture is shown!




Happy Easter!

24.3.2016 11:40

Easter egs in a basked!

Korson Pallo­seura wishes Happy Easter to all its members, supporters, partners and readers!



KOPSE Women's Team got third place in third division Futsal series

19.3.2016 21:50

KOPSE Women secured the silver medal by winning Mäntsälän Urheiljat today in the last match of the series. The scores of the match were 1 – 3.

Picture of a futsal match MU-KOPSE

KOPSE Women at Mäntsälä sports hall

The team seeks for new players. More information (fi).



P04 black won silver medal in challenger series

14.3.2016 17:00

Kuva hopeamitalista.

KOPSE P04 black won the second place in the challenger series of Lival tournament with the coach Petri Tommila.

The final scores are:

  1. JoKi P04
  2. KOPSE P04 mustat
  3. FCFJ SIN1
  4. SibboV keltainen
  5. JäPS sininen
  6. KelA 04 keltaiset

Ari Tammi
KOPSE P04 coach
Konsta Karaskuru
The second coach



Schedule for Team Photograhy

3.3.2016 8:20 (updated 7.3.2016 16:40)

Note: Location has changed to down­stairs in Lumo!

The schedule for the photography of all KOPSE teams in Lumo down­stairs class­rooms on 10th of March is given below. Any last minute changes to the schedule shall be informed to the teams via email.





Chairman of the board leaves the football club

15.2.2016 9:55

The Chairman of the board of Korson Palloseura, Mr. Arto Vitikka, gave an announcement in yesterday's meeting that, due to his other duties, he will be unable to continue in the office of the Chairman of the board.

The board of Korson Palloseura would like to thank Mr. Vitikka for his efforts in the development of the football club during the last 18 months. During this time, KOPSE has become more visible to the people and firms in Korso and the number of players in the football club has soared to new heights.

The Vice-chairman, Mr. Aulis Joronen, takes the responsibilities of the Chairman. The duties of the Chairman shall be divided between the members of the board.




Footbal School 2016

18.1.2016 19:00


Football School for children of the age 3-6 starts on Sunday, 24th of January in Leppä­korpi school. Additional information and registration to the school in here (fi).



Football School for Adults

7.1.2016 17:30 (updated 25.1.2016 0:25)

Korson Palloseura starts two new football schools in February. The Football School for Men and the Football School for Women will be held on Tuesday evenings, from 8 to 9 pm (women) and from 9 to 10 pm (men).

Football Schools are targeted for absolute beginners as well as for those, who already have a little experience on football. Emphasis will be on having a good time together, do some physical exercises and learn the basics of football at the same time. It's a perfect opportunity for parents to learn about the sport their children love to do!

Registration for the schools has begun. More information and exact timetable are available on the following pages (fi):

Both football schools have gathered enough participants to be held as planned. Nevertheless, more people are warmly welcome, of course!

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