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Archive (fi) News 2017




Ruusupaviljonki voluuntary clean-up operation cancelled

25.4.2017 13:10

Due to the weather, the raking operation at Ruusu­paviljonki had to be cancelled. A new time will be announced later.



P02 in a tournament in Italy

25.4.2017 00:10

Read the story and see the pictures from the Torneo Citta della Pace 2017 tournament in here (fi).



Football season 2017 kick-off on 29th of April

20.4.2017 16:30

Brochure of the event.

Korson Palloseura's season 2017 kick-off event will be held on Saturday, 29th of April on the Korso Sportsfield from 11.00 – 15.30. The event is open for all families.

The event will contain friendly matches between KOPSE and neighbouring clubs, shows, a buffet and many other things for the whole family. Children may try for free and without obligations football training with players of their own age.

The brochure (fi) has more info and the schedule of the shows and training sessions in the event.




Refreshing Ruusupaviljonki's surroundings

19.4.2017 20:10

Easy spring-time raking is available in open air around the Ruusu­paviljonki building. You may want to come for 20 minutes or two hours; it is up to you!

Ruusupaviljonki ("Rose Pavillion") is a nice space for events, meetings and courses. It is managed by a union of associations like Korson Pallo­seura and other sports clubs. It is important to keep the place in good condition and outside looking fresh. So, it you haven't planned anything more important for Tuesday 25th of April, take your rake and come to work with us to clean the area from leaves and branches, starting at 2 pm.

At the same occasion, you may take a peek in the place to see if it is suitable for your own events; e.g., birthday parties, meetings, training courses, etc. The spaces are rented for a very competitive price.



Petition to ban energy drinks from children under 16

13.4.2016 16:50

Korson Palloseura has signed a petition to ban selling so called energy drinks to children under 16 years of age.

The following shops in Korso have agreed to follow the ban:

  • K-market Riskilänkuja
  • K-market Kulomäki
  • K-supermarket Korso
  • K-supermarket Nikinmäki
  • R-kioski Korson asema
  • R-kioski Koivukylän shopping mall
  • R-kioski Otavantie



KOPSE Annual Magazine 2017 now on the Internet

9.4.2016 13:35

Korson Palloseura annual magazine 2017 cover page.

The annual magazine (fi) is now available for downloading onm the Internet.

Download here (13 MT)(fi)



KopsAKAT won a silver medal

3.4.2016 15:50

KopsAKAT, women's amateur team, scored the second place in a tournament taking place in Helsinki during the April Fools' Day.

Read more and see the picture of the team on the KopsAKAT team's page.

Korson Palloseura year 2017 annual magazine.



Annual KOPSE magazine 2017 published

3.4.2016 13:20

The new magazine for year 2017 (fi) has been delivered to the homes in postal areas 01450, 01480 and 01490 during the weekend. Those of you who have not yet received a copy of the magazine will be provided a copy by your team leader. You may also pick your copy from the office at Tavitie 1. The magazine will be available also in the forthcoming events.

A PDF version of the magazine shall be made available on this page later this week.



Bronze medal for KOPSE Huti

2.4.2016 23:50

The amateur women's team (KoHu) won the bronze medal in their first tournament. See the picture of the team from the KOPSE Huti page (fi).




Land rental agreement signed

28.3.2016 12:50

The Jokivarsi sports field land rental agreement was signed yesterday by the representatives from the city of Vantaa and Korson Pallo­seura. Signatures were given by Veli-Matti Kallis­lahti, representing the city, Petteri Forssel, the chairman of KOPSE and Juha Mattila, the CEO of KOPSE.

Picture of city and football representatives.

In addition, two city representatives signed the declaration of rules prepared by the junior representatives from KOPSE. The declaration of rules expresses the need for good manners and spirit of the "kaikki pelaa" (all play) initiative in the use of the new football field.

City representative with the rules and our junior representatives.

City representative Veli-Matti Kallis­lahti and KOPSE junior representatives Lauri, Aada and Lukas.

Learn more about the new field from the TEKONURMI page (fi).



KOPSE relinquishes men's fifth division series

28.3.2016 12:00

Unfortunately, due to lack of players for season 2017, the men's team is forced to give away the the position in the fifth division. This also means that the team will break up.

The members of the board of the football club want to express their gratitude to the men's team leader Jarmo Ravattinen for his 20+ year work in the football club and the team for all these years together.



Presenting turf project

23.3.2016 10:50

The board presents the turf project and its current state in the next annual meeting of Joki­varren Oma­koti­yhdistys April 5th at Joki­varsi school.



KOPSE Women wins gold medal in futsal-series

20.3.2016 22:00

Women's team secured top scores by winning LePa/3 team 4 – 1 in the last day of the series held in Esport Center on Sunday, March 19th. Hanna Halonen, who plays in KOPSE team, made the total of 25 scores during the series, which is as many as the next two players combined and more than half of all the goals made by the team!

Read more from the Women's Team page.



Top scores for KOPSE P07 in Järven­pää tournament

19.3.2016 10:30

The P07 team won the gold medal in the tournament for 10 year old juniors in Järven­pää yesterday. Read more about the tournament and see the pictures of the winning team on P07's' page (fi).

The board congratulates boys for their fine achivement.



Photo session

14.1.2017 16:00 (updated 16.1.2017 16:40)

Team photos are taken in Ruusupa­viljonki (fi) on January 21st, starting at 9:00. Cafeteria will be open during the session.

Players should wear green shirts with black shorts or long trousers. Green socks and football shoes are recommended. Coaches and other personnel should wear black shirts and black trousers.

Timetable for the team photos is given below.

8:15 – 9:00Setting up equipment
9.00 – 9.30KOPSE P08
9.30 – 10.05KOPSE P07
10.05 – 10.20KOPSE T10/11
10.20 – 10.40KOPSE T08/09
10.40 – 11.05KOPSE T06/07
11.05 – 11.40KOPSE P05
11.40 – 12.15KOPSE P06
12.15 – 12.35KOPSE P09
12.35 – 13.10KOPSE P10
13.10 – 13.20KOPSE B-boys (P00)
13.10 – 13.40Pause
13.40 – 14.00KOPSE T04/05
14.00 – 14.15KOPSE Women
14.15 – 14.30KoHu women
14.30 – 15.00KOPSE P04
15.00 – 15.15KOPSE P02
15.15 – 15.30Pause
15.30 – 16.00KOPSE T01-03
16.00 – 16.15KOPSE A-boys (P99)
16.15 – 16.20Board
16:20 – 16:45Taking down equipment




New youth referees

10.2.2017 12:15

KOPSE got 16 new, 13 year old youth referees from the P04 team. When you need a referee for your match, visit the Pelinohjaajat (Referees) page (fi). There you'll find a contact person for getting a referee, whether it rains or shines.

Picture of a match held in rain.



New team photos

2.2.2017 19:50

Photos of the teams that participated in the photo shooting are now available in each team's page (see Joukkueet | Kaikki for a list of teams). Individual player photos are not published here. The sample on the right is that of the youngest team, T10/11.

You may want to click the team pictures.





13.1.2017 9:55

A meeting is held in Ruusu­paviljonki on January 26 at 18:00 to allow the board to grant a loan to KOPSE Teko­nurmi oy for constructing a turf surface in Joki­varsi sports field.




Status update for our own turf

10.1.2017 21:30

The plan to build our own turf in Jokiniemi took a step forward yesterday when the city council decided to rent the area to KOPSE, beginning on 1.5.2017.

The next steps are to sign the rental agreement and wait for the ground to defrost, after which the city starts building the fence around the area.

More info can be found on KOPSE Tekonurmi Ltd pages (fi).

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