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Welcome to Korson Palloseura (Korso Football Club) web site!

We hope that these pages provide you information about how to get started playing football, the #1 team sport in the world, in Korson Palloseura (KOPSE). KOPSE is the leading regional football club of Korso, a suburb of city of Vantaa.

In order to contact the members of the board of the club, see the Johtokunta (board) page. To find out what teams play in KOPSE and find the one that suits your age and skills, see the Joukkueet (teams) page. There you will find names and links to the teams for boys (starting with letter P) and girls (starting with letter T), followed by the year of birth (e.g., "00" is 2000). Adult players in KOPSE play in one of two teams: Miehet (men) and Naiset (women).

If you or your son or daughter are interested to start a new and exciting sports activity in KOPSE, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information and pictures, browse the site; Esittely (introduction) and Pelaaminen KOPSEssa (playing in KOPSE) in particular. The pages are written in Finnish but Google Translate should do a decent job to translate them to your native language.

If you have any further questions (how to proceed or otherwise), please contact e.g., our executive director, Mr. Juha Mattila or other members of the board (see the Contact info on this page).

Going on Today




P04 wins B-final match in Helsinki Cup 2017

15.7.2017 13:30

KOPSE P04 White team won B-final in the international Helsinki Cup tournament. Read more and see the picture of the team on team's page (fi).

The board congratulates the team for their excellent achievement.



Third place in Lahti Soccer tournament for P04

5.7.2017 11:15

P04 Black-Green team won the bronzer trophy in Lahti Soccer Cup between 30:th June to 2:nd July. Check the picture and read the results on team page (fi).



Turf project news

28.6.2017 22:50

You may follow the project and check the pictures in Jokivarsi in the new Turf project blog page (fi).



Gold medal for P02 in Summer 2017 tournament

13.6.2017 22:50

KOPSE P02 team won the gold medal in the tournament arranged by Jokelan Kisa . Check the pictures from P02 team page (fi).

The board congratulates boys for a great achievment.



Web site can be updated again

13.6.2017 22:50

After two weeks of not being able to update KOPSE web site, we are back in business. The original cause was a server crash but the host was unable to recover all the access rights until today.

Thank you for being patient!



Sponsoring contract signed with Vantaan Energia

7.5.2017 10:20

Kuva roskasta ja sen keruusta

Vantaan Energia is a new sponsor of our turf field in Joki­varsi.

According to the contract, we shall join the roskattomin kaupunki (trash-free city) challenge. Korson Pallo­seura accepted the challenge and participated to the Siisti Korso (Clean Korso) event to tidy up the central parts of the Korso. The results were a number of black trash bags containing garbage from various parts of Korso.

In addition, we shall keep clean the surroundings of the Joki­varsi field and participate in Tikkurila Festival clean-up activities. In future, we shall mark this type of activities in Facebook with the #roskattomin­kaupunki hash tag.




4.5.2017 14:40

The additional meeting will be held in Ruusu­paviljonki on 17th of May, 2017 at 18.00.

In order to procure the new turf, the bank loan applied to KOPSE Tekonurmi oy must be accompanied by warranties of equal amount from Korson Palloseura.

The financial state of the club is very good. Therefore, the Board is applying for a permission to give warranties of maximum value of 50 000 € to KOPSE Tekonurmi oy, utilizing e.g., additional incomes which were not budgeted for year 2017. The project does not affect the economy of the teams.




New date for refreshing Ruusupaviljonki's surroundings

2.5.2017 11:00

Easy spring-time raking is available in open air around the Ruusu­paviljonki building. You may want to come for 20 minutes or two hours; it is up to you!

Ruusupaviljonki ("Rose Pavillion") is a nice space for events, meetings and courses. It is managed by a union of associations like Korson Pallo­seura and other sports clubs. It is important to keep the place in good condition and outside looking fresh. So, it you haven't planned anything more important for Tuesday, May 9th, take your rake and come to work with us to clean the area from leaves and branches, starting at 3 pm.

At the same occasion, you may take a peek in the place to see if it is suitable for your own events; e.g., birthday parties, meetings, training courses, etc. The spaces are rented for a very competitive price.

News Archive

Older news are stored in the Archive.

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Coming Events

Next home matches in Korso

Updated 21.4.2017 9:25


11.8.2017 Blood donation in Korso congregation building.

Weather in Korso

For a detailed forecast, see local weather in Vantaa.

Blood Donation

Next donation opportunity in Korso is on Friday, August 11th.

KOPSE supports Finnish Red Cross in its valuable work by reminding our members and the readers of this web page for the next donation event. Donation takes place in Korso Congregation building, in the centre of Korso, between 2 pm and 6 pm.

More information about blood donation in Finland is found on the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service pages.

Contact info

The office is located on the second floor of the SOKEVA building. Entrance to the office is on the Tavitie side. The office is not routinely manned and so please contact Mr. Juha Mattila to arrange a visit.

Postal address

Address: Tavitie 1
01450 Vantaa

Contact Persons

Board members, their duties and contact information is found in the Johto­kunta (board) sivulta.

Chairman: Mr. Petteri Forssell
+358 40 661 3343
pj (a) kopse.org
Vice-chairman: Mr. Aulis Joronen
+358 40 555 0154
vpj (a) kopse.org
Secretary: Mr. Kari Jurva
+358 40 070 9943
sihteeri (a) kopse.org
Executive director: Mr. Juha Mattila
+358 40 028 3873
tmj (a) kopse.org
Chief coach: Mr. Markku Lehtonen
+358 40 355 8750
vp (a) kopse.org

Feedback to us: palaute (a) kopse.org


KOPSE Annual Magazine

The annual publication for year 2017 (fi)

KOPSE Annual Magazine

The annual publication for year 2015 (fi)

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Korson Palloseura greatly appreciates the support provided by the following companies:

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