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Welcome to Korson Palloseura (Korso Football Club) web site!

We hope that these pages provide you information about how to get started playing football, the #1 team sport in the world, in Korson Palloseura (KOPSE). KOPSE is the leading regional football club of Korso, a suburb of city of Vantaa.

In order to contact the members of the board of the club, see the Hallitus (board) page. To find out what teams play in KOPSE and find the one that suits your age and skills, see the Joukkueet (teams) page. There you will find names and links to the teams for boys (starting with letter P) and girls (starting with letter T), followed by the year of birth (e.g., "00" is 2000). Adult players in KOPSE play in one of two teams: Miehet (men) and Naiset (women).

If you or your son or daughter are interested to start a new and exciting sports activity in KOPSE, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information and pictures, browse the site; Esittely (introduction) and Pelaaminen KOPSEssa (playing in KOPSE) in particular. The pages are written in Finnish but Google Translate should do a decent job to translate them to your native language.

If you have any further questions (how to proceed or otherwise), please contact e.g., our executive director, Mr. Juha Mattila or other members of the board (see the Contact info on this page).

Going on Today




Annual KOPSE Meeting

25.10.2018 10:40

The autumn meeting took place in Ruusupaviljonki on 24.10.2018.

Mr. Petteri Forssell was selected to continue as the chairman of the board. Mr. Santtu Vähälä was selected to continue as the vice chairman of the board.

New members of the board for their first two-year period are Mrs. Heidi Saari­järvi and Mr. Antti Siitonen. New members of the board for their first one-year period are Mrs. Anu Kallio and Mr. Jami Vahtera.

New rules of the club bring two deputy members of the board. The first deputy member selected for two-year period is Jani Lehtinen. The second deputy member selected for one-year period is Pasi Kinnunen. The first deputy member has the right to vote in the board meetings if one member of the board is not present. If two members of the board are absent or one member and the first deputy member is absent, the second deputy member has the right to vote.

The reason for the one-year period selections made in this year's meeting is that by the club rules, one half of the board members can be changed in the autumn meeting. This synchronizes the member periods back to half and half.

The meeting accepted the financial statement of year 2017, which didn't complete for the spring meeting. In addition, the action plan for 2019 (fi) and the budget plan for 2019 were accepted during the meeting. The annual fee increases 10 € to 160 €, while the annual family fee increases to 240 €.

The board thanks all participants of the successful meeting.



Korson Palloseura ry's updated rules

13.10.2018 16:20


The changes to the rules of Korson Palloseura (registered association) accepted in the annual meeting on 29.3.2018 have been confirmed by Finnish Patent and Registration Office. New rules have e.g., updated the terminology of "board" and changed the valid period of the annual meeting.

The new rules have been updated to the Säännöt (Rules) page (fi).




9.10.2018 21:30

Location: Ruusupaviljonki, Kisatie 21.

The agenda consists of statutory topics, including selection of new vice-members of the board, selection of changing members of the board, confirmation of the financial statement of year 2017, confirmation of the operating plan for year 2019, confirmation of change in the club rules for disciplinary actions.

According to the change in rules made in the spring meeting and now accepted by authorities, all participants willing to use their right to vote during the meeting must register them­selves prior the meeting. This must be done no later than 17.10.2018 at 18:00 (i.e., one week before the meeting) by sending an email to sihteeri(a)kopse.org or by phone 0400 709 943.




Autumn football camp

12.9.2018 17:10

Korson Palloseura arranges a camp for young football players born between 2006 and 2010 between October 15th and 19th, 2018. More information about the camp and registration to the camp on the autumn 2018 football camp page (fi).



UEFA CFM course completed in Eerikkilä

24.8.2018 00:20

Juha Mattila

The CEO of Korson Palloseura Juha Mattila has success­fully completed the UEFA Certificate of Foot­ball Management course, consisting of both written and oral exams. The course was held in Finland for the second time and it is designed to people working for a football club in administrative and managerial positions.

The last phase of the course took place in Eerikkilä on Friday 17th, 2018, .

Read more on FFA pages (fi).



KoiPS/KOPSE YJ (United) Wins its Group (C) in Helsinki Cup 2018

12.6.2018 20:15

The united team has made its way to A finals in G15 girls general category by winning three matches of four and playing one match a draw 1 – 1.

On Friday, tomorrow, there will be 1 to 3 matches in "A" finals. The board wishes the team good luck and very exciting matches.



Free Use of Peakfin Arena by KOPSE

16.6.2018 11:00

KOPSE offers free use of Peakfin Arena for training football by individuals (not teams) at the following times:

  • Mondays from 21 to 22. Whole pitch in use.
  • Tuesdays from 18:30 to 19:30. Half pitch in use.
  • Wednesdays from 17 to 18. Whole pitch in use.
  • Wednesdays from 20 to 21. Half pitch in use.

Effective for time being.



East Vantaa Winter Tournament 2018 – 2019

8.6.2018 14:00

Korson Palloseura and three other foot­ball clubs located in Vantaa have established a new winter tournament to football players of age between 7 and 9. In addition to KOPSE, Pakkalan Pallo­seura (PPS), Koivu­kylän Pallo­seura (KoiPS) and Itä-Hakkilan Kilpa (I-HK) are responsible of organising the tournament.

The tournament shall be held for the first time in winter 2018 – 2019 to the following age groups (match format is 5 vs 5):

  • Boys 2011 category has 3 skill levels
  • Boys 2010 category has 3 skill levels
  • Boys 2009 has 1 skill level
  • Girls 2011 has 1 skill level
  • Girls 2010 has 1 skill level

The tournament shall accept up to 90 teams. The matches will be held on Sundays, between 10 am and 3 pm, two matches per day. Play time is 1 x 25 min. Registration fee is 350 € for each team.

The tournament starts in Korso on November 18th, 2018 in Peakfin Arena.

More information and registratrion (fi)



Liiku ja Leiki 2018 on Saturday

6.6.2018 9.40

Liiku ja Leiki 2018 ad

On Saturday, 9th of June at 14 – 17 there will be the Fourth Annual Liiku ja Leiki (Move and Play) event at Korso Sportsfield (Kisatie 23). The event is organised by Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) and participated and supported by sports and other clubs from Korso.

The event is made for the whole family with children of age 3 to 10 but older children are equally welcome.


There shall be a buffet and a grill for coffee and small snacks. Balloons for children.

Korson Palloseura participates the event with a foot­ball-theme check­point.

Lisätietoa tapahtuman mainoksessa.



General Data Protection Regulation

20.5.2018 13:30

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable on 25 May 2018. A statement how the regulation is followed by KOPSE is provided in here (fi). A permanent link to the statement is found from the bottom of the home pages.

The statement specifies what personal information KOPSE collects and why. It also provides information how the Selosteessa kerrotaan lisäksi, kuinka kerätyn tiedon voi tarkistaa ja missä tilanteessa tiedot poistetaan.

Detailed information about the GDPR can be found e.g., from Wikipedia.



Problems with KOPSE Web Site

18.5.2018 14:00

There have been difficulties to reach our web site. Problems were located in the invalid configurations of the web host provider. The site should be online again.

Internet Explorer users may need to delete browsing history in order to make the Finnish home page work again.



KOPSE Spring Party 19.5.2018

15.5.2018 13:45

KOPSE Spring Party 2018 ad

Welcome to spend a nice afternoon in Korson Palloseura's Spring Party at Aulis Aktia Areena on Saturday, 19th of May between 12 – 16!

Get familiar with the activities in the football club and watch exciting but not too serious matches between teams of young and old. The buffet provides coffee and refreshments.

Free entrance. Public event. Read more details from the link image.

Please bring your recyclable gear to the Hope association (fi)!



Happy 1st of May

30.4.2018 19:45


Merry "Vappu" to everyone!




26.3.2018 13:20

Punainen kapteenin nauha.

Wearing the red captain's band we show our values. P02 shows it here.



KOPSE P04 windows gold medal in Winter League

12.3.2018 15:50

See a picture and read the story (fi) on P04 team's page.

The board congratulates the team.



KOPSE Football Summer Camp 2018

3.3.2018 12:00

Football camp autumn 2017

KOPSE organizes a 1/2 week summer camp for young football players born between 2005 and 2010. The camp, to be held in the new Aulis Aktia Areena turf, shall provide coaching and training, including a lunch break, from 9 am and 3 pm.

Registration and more information can be found on the Summer Camp 2018 page (fi).



New team photos

7.2.2018 22:45

Team pages have been updated with the new team photos. Check out your team's photo and note that there may be one or two alternative images.

News Archive

Older news are stored in the Archive.

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New Teams

The newest member of teams in Korson Pallo­seura is the boys/girls mixed team P/T13 (fi). The first training session will be held at Peakfin Arena (aka Kalmuuri dome) on 28.10.2018 at 18.05. Welcome!

Coming Events


Tournaments organised by Korson Pallo­seura can be found on the KOPSE Tournaments site (fi).

Next home matches in Korso

Updated 26.8.2017 20:00


30.11.2018 Blood donation in Korso congregation building between 2 pm and 6 pm.

Weather in Korso

For a detailed forecast, see local weather in Vantaa.

Blood Donation

Next donation opportunity in Korso is on Friday, November 30th.

KOPSE supports Finnish Red Cross in its valuable work by reminding our members and the readers of this web page for the next donation event. Donation takes place in Korso Congregation building, in the centre of Korso, between 2 pm and 6 pm.

More information about blood donation in Finland is found on the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service pages.

Contact info

The office is located on the second floor of the SOKEVA building. Entrance to the office is on the Tavitie side. The office is not routinely manned and so please contact Mr. Juha Mattila to arrange a visit.

Address: Tavitie 1
01450 Vantaa
Business ID:0516309-5

Contact Persons

Board members, their duties and contact information is found in the Hallitus (board) sivulta.

Chairman: Mr. Petteri Forssell
+358 50 331 6500
pj (a) kopse.org
Vice-chairman: Mr. Santtu Vähälä
+358 50 385 8700
vpj (a) kopse.org
Secretary: Mr. Kari Jurva
+358 40 070 9943
sihteeri (a) kopse.org
Executive director: Mr. Juha Mattila
+358 40 028 3873
tmj (a) kopse.org

Feedback to us: palaute (a) kopse.org


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Korson Palloseura greatly appreciates the support provided by the following companies:

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