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Welcome to Korson Palloseura (Korso Football Club) web site!

We hope that these pages provide you information about how to get started playing football, the #1 team sport in the world, in Korson Palloseura (KOPSE). KOPSE is the leading regional football club of Korso, a suburb of city of Vantaa.

In order to contact the members of the board of the club, see the Johtokunta (board) page. To find out what teams play in KOPSE and find the one that suits your age and skills, see the Joukkueet (teams) page. There you will find names and links to the teams for boys (starting with letter P) and girls (starting with letter T), followed by the year of birth (e.g., "00" is 2000). Adult players in KOPSE play in one of two teams: Miehet (men) and Naiset (women).

If you or your son or daughter are interested to start a new and exciting sports activity in KOPSE, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information and pictures, browse the site; Esittely (introduction) and Pelaaminen KOPSEssa (playing in KOPSE) in particular. The pages are written in Finnish but Google Translate should do a decent job to translate them to your native language.

If you have any further questions (how to proceed or otherwise), please contact e.g., our executive director, Mr. Juha Mattila or other members of the board (see the Contact info on this page).

Going on Today




Annual Skill Competition in Laaksolahti

8.11.2016 18:40

The 2017 skill competition was held in Laaksolahden football arena between 1. – 5.11.2017. Players in Korson Pallo­seura achieved the following levels:

Girls 14 years

Tabell Mette bronze

Boys 10 years

Nenonen Nuutti silver
Kiviharju Julius bronze
Nummi Leevi bronze
Rytky Kimi bronze
Vuori-Karvia Paavo bronze

Boys 9 years

Sirviö Johan bronze

Boys 8 years

Nummi Niklas gold
Hannila Raul silver
Korhonen Samu silver
Korsikin Amos silver
Lehtonen Ahti silver
Majanto Erno silver
Mammedov Eltun silver

The board congratulates our young players for their achievements.



Football clubs cancelled on Sunday

1.11.2016 17:00

Legirus Arena's operator tells that the dome will not rise on Sunday, 5.11.2017. Due to this, both football clubs have been cancelled on that day.

We are soryr about this and hope the operator will get the dome back in action as soon as possible.

KOPSE offers replacement turns to the football clubs on January 14th and 21th.



Legirus Arena is out of use

28.10.2016 0:20 (updated 15:00)

Legirus Arena's dome has collapsed, probably due to weight of snow. All use of the Arena has been cancelled until futher notice. More information shall be provided later.

According to Peakfin, the dome will be repaired during the next week and the dome should be up on November 4th.

City council has promised that Joki­varsi turf shall be cleaned from snow as soon as possible and we will be able to move some of the trainings there.



Club office closed during autumn holiday week

12.10.2016 17:15

Maple leaf in autumn

The office will be closed and CEO Juha Mattila will be on vacation between 13th and 22nd of October.

In urgent matters, please contact the club chairman Petteri Forssell, phone 050 331 6500. Official mail correspondence is managed by the club secretary Kari Jurva, phone 0400 709 943.




10.10.2016 11:25

Location: Ruusupaviljonki, Kisatie 21.

The agenda consists of statutory topics. Pre-Christmas party follows the meeting.




Fundraising in Korson Palloseura

5.10.2017 21:30

We have opened the new Varainhankinta (Fundraising) page (fi), where we tell how and why the club raises funds to allow its operation and why it is important. The page contains links to buy virtual squares from the new Aulis Aktia Areena turf field, or donate money to support the club activities.




9.9.2017 23:35

AULIS AKTIA AREENA's' aluminium plaque

Known earlier by its name "Jokivarsi football field" and known for as one of KOPSE's home fields, the field has been renamed as Aulis Aktia Areena (arena). The new name honours our honorary chairman Aulis Joronen, one of the founding fathers of Korson Pallo­seura for his life-long work for bringing the club to the position it has today.

Read the content of the plaque from here (fi)


Korson Palloseura was founded by its current honorary chairman Aulis Joronen and a few other parents in 1980. Jokivarsi field acted as one of the club's home fields at that time.
Korson Palloseura's first own turf field was taken into use here on Sep 9, 2017. Korson Palloseura




5.9.2017 18:20 (updated 7.9.2017 21:0)

Jokivarsi opening poster (updated).

We celebrate the opening of the new turf field on September 9th, 2017 between 11 am and 2 pm. The event is for the whole family and it is free. We recommend that players use bicycles to arrive to the field since there is only limited parking space available. Additional parking space can be found from the other side of the school building.

Bicycle and bus route maps can be found on the Kentät (fields) page.

More details about the event from the poster below (fi). Unfortunately, hair dresser students cannot participate.

Poster of the event (fi, version 1.2, 7.9.2017)



Dressing rooms at Jokivarsi field renovated

3.9.2017 17:15

The dressing rooms building at Jokivarsi has been painted inside out. The new outside colour now reflects the main green colour of the club.

Dressing room.

News Archive

Older news are stored in the Archive.

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Korson Palloseura greatly appreciates the support provided by the following companies:

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New Teams

The newest member of Korson Pallo­seura is the Leisure Football team for children between 9 and 17 years, where football is practised in person's own speed and level of interest.

In the Applied Football team, children and adults practise their gross motor skills utilising football and other techniques.

Coming Events

Next home matches in Korso

Updated 26.8.2017 20:00


24.11.2017 Blood donation in Korso congregation building between 2 pm and 6 pm.

Weather in Korso

For a detailed forecast, see local weather in Vantaa.

Blood Donation

Next donation opportunity in Korso is on Friday, November 24th.

KOPSE supports Finnish Red Cross in its valuable work by reminding our members and the readers of this web page for the next donation event. Donation takes place in Korso Congregation building, in the centre of Korso, between 2 pm and 6 pm.

More information about blood donation in Finland is found on the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service pages.

Contact info

The office is located on the second floor of the SOKEVA building. Entrance to the office is on the Tavitie side. The office is not routinely manned and so please contact Mr. Juha Mattila to arrange a visit.

Postal address

Address: Tavitie 1
01450 Vantaa

Contact Persons

Board members, their duties and contact information is found in the Johto­kunta (board) sivulta.

Chairman: Mr. Petteri Forssell
+358 50 331 6500
pj (a) kopse.org
Vice-chairman: Mr. Aulis Joronen
+358 40 555 0154
vpj (a) kopse.org
Secretary: Mr. Kari Jurva
+358 40 070 9943
sihteeri (a) kopse.org
Executive director: Mr. Juha Mattila
+358 40 028 3873
tmj (a) kopse.org
Chief coach: Mr. Markku Lehtonen
+358 40 355 8750
vp (a) kopse.org

Feedback to us: palaute (a) kopse.org


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Korson Palloseura greatly appreciates the support provided by the following companies:

Adidas Jalkkis.Net Korsonkoti Intersport Kerava Vantaan Energia

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